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MANDO x Batik

“MANDO x Batik” continues MANDO's mission to celebrate the intersections of cultures. This collection features shirts with our favorite Batik patterns sourced directly from Bali, Indonesia.

Dating back millennia, Batik is a cloth-dyeing technique that originated in Asia, and in Indonesia grew into a national cultural art form.

Modern designers from Southeast Asia use Batik elements and motifs as a way of artistic expression through fashion. Batik is worn in everything from royal ceremonial dress to casual beach wear.

This collection is a reimagining of Batik in a multicultural world. Our lookbook is a collaboration with Indonesian-born, New York-based photographer Elizabeth Wirija. 

She expresses her unique cultural perspective by bringing tropical vibes of Indonesia to the American beach of Coney Island.

MANDO is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Elizabeth, to celebrate Batik in a new way. We believe in the importance of working with and giving back to the people of the culture.

So for each Batik shirt sold, 10% of proceeds go to the UNICEF Indonesia, which works to help children in Indonesia, the fourth largest child population in the world.