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“To create an outstanding piece of calligraphy, one must injects one's mind and soul into the work and write with one's heart.” - Dong Qi Chang, Ming Dynasty

In his new album CARE FOR ME, the 23-year old rapper Saba paints a deeply personal picture of his life growing up in the West Side of Chicago. Following his debut album, Bucket List Project, Saba again explores the themes of mortality, but this time while having to reconcile the loss of his cousin Walter, one of his closest friends and collaborators. Walter was fatally stabbed last February, less than a month before Saba began touring for his debut album. Heartbreakingly raw, CARE FOR ME reflects on the grief Saba has faced and like the title states, addresses the self-care he needs to move forward.

CALLIGRAPHY, the fourth track of the album, captures the role that music and writing has played in his journey. Instead of running away from his reality, Saba uses writing and music as a way to confront the experiences he’s had to face.

Write it away, write it away
I just got tired of runnin' away, runnin' away
Everyone leavin', I write 'em away, write 'em away

 Inspired by the art of Chinese calligraphy, MANDO 1.0 features a pattern of deconstructed brush strokes